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July 3, 2015

We’re so sorry, but due to some building works at Websters we’ve had to change the venue for the NYOS Jazz Ensemble featuring soloist Iain Ballamy from Websters Theatre to Cottiers Theatre.

The show will still be on the 16th of July at 8pm but instead of being in our new theatre space it will be in our beautiful concert space at Cottiers.

We’re really sorry for any inconvenience and of course we’ll be getting in touch with all the ticket holders to let them know and to arrange for any tickets purchased to be transferred or refunded as appropriate.

Busy, busy, busy at Websters Theatre

June 14, 2015

There’s a lot happening at Websters this week.

We’ve got comedy in “So Many Men, Yet None Are Mine“, written by and starring Anna Devitt.  If you’re a comedy fan, you’ll probably already know her as an award winning stand up comedian.  If you’re a telly fan, you’ll know her as Peaches, granddaughter of the Govan philosopher himself, Rab C Nesbitt.  But however you know her, you know this is going to be a fun show.    Friends from the closes of Govan, to law school and NOW bridesmaids.  Three women reveal where it went wrong – why there was a goat in the room when they popped  their cherry and why the internet is not the best place for a confession. And they remind us why friends – no matter what you do to them – have your back.  They’re all singing, all dancing, all single…

We’ve got more comedy, but in a very different vein mid week when Mighty Fine Theatre Company present “The Key: An Art Mystery.”   The sophisticated art detective Dorian Gray is joined by two characters from Alastair Gray’s novel “Lanark” to seek the mysterious key that will unlock the meaning of his art. The investigation takes them into a sublime painting, where terror reigns and the cultural order is reversed.  Death on Horseback pursues, will they return Art Triumphant?

And then, at the weekend, a chance to see a true Queen of comedy in a very different light when the amazing Elaine C Smith joins Christine Dunwoodie to present “Torch Song Divas“.   The fabulous voices of Elaine and Christina combine the earthiness of soul, blues and jazz with the lyricism of classic opera as they take a witty look at the eternal themes of love, loss, betrayal and survival that form the beating (and sometimes bleeding!) heart of these great musical traditions.

So why not book a ticket – or two – or even three and indulge yourself in a week of theatre at Websters.

GICF welcomes Tiggy Tails – Superstar!

Walking Shadows poster small
March 23, 2015

A dog performer, plucked from obscurity is about to star in a West End (of Glasgow) production at this year’s Glasgow International Comedy Festival. (GICF)

Tiggy (that’s his stage name, his real name is Tiggy Tails) a Shitszu, will star in the hit comedy Walking Shadows at Websters Theatre on the 25 – 28th March..

Tiggy underwent an exhaustive audition process to land this part above many other aspiring (Michael ) Canines. He was given a “Dogscar” for his talent in winning through the auditions and his owner Laura Wilson of Summerston, Glasgow assures us he has not let success go to his head. However, he is turning his nose up at his usual treats and is demanding to be given only his favourites – liver biscuits – at all times.

He is set to outperform his human thespians in his stage debut, and despite their best efforts, they are resigned to the fact Tiggy will get all the glory, and all the attention for his brief cameo performance.

There are rumours of Tiggy demanding his own dressing room and stipulating the rider of having all the red M&Ms removed, but these are being strenuously denied.

Walking Shadows director, Michael Lewis, said, “Tiggy is just one cast member and we all get along great. This is a typical theatre production with no jealousies or egos whatsoever. The cast were delighted when Tiggy returned unharmed from his recent trip to Crufts”

Walking Shadows is a farce described as “The best fun you could possibly have with your trousers on” Being a farce, though, not everyone on stage gets to keep their trousers on.

Some comments about this production in 2014:
‘So clever and so funny’
‘Writing, cast and production are all sensational’
‘What a fabulous, hilarious show’
‘Deserved the standing ovation’

Walking Shadows is on Facebook and on Twitter @walkingshadowss

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