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GICF welcomes Tiggy Tails – Superstar!

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March 23, 2015

A dog performer, plucked from obscurity is about to star in a West End (of Glasgow) production at this year’s Glasgow International Comedy Festival. (GICF)

Tiggy (that’s his stage name, his real name is Tiggy Tails) a Shitszu, will star in the hit comedy Walking Shadows at Websters Theatre on the 25 – 28th March..

Tiggy underwent an exhaustive audition process to land this part above many other aspiring (Michael ) Canines. He was given a “Dogscar” for his talent in winning through the auditions and his owner Laura Wilson of Summerston, Glasgow assures us he has not let success go to his head. However, he is turning his nose up at his usual treats and is demanding to be given only his favourites – liver biscuits – at all times.

He is set to outperform his human thespians in his stage debut, and despite their best efforts, they are resigned to the fact Tiggy will get all the glory, and all the attention for his brief cameo performance.

There are rumours of Tiggy demanding his own dressing room and stipulating the rider of having all the red M&Ms removed, but these are being strenuously denied.

Walking Shadows director, Michael Lewis, said, “Tiggy is just one cast member and we all get along great. This is a typical theatre production with no jealousies or egos whatsoever. The cast were delighted when Tiggy returned unharmed from his recent trip to Crufts”

Walking Shadows is a farce described as “The best fun you could possibly have with your trousers on” Being a farce, though, not everyone on stage gets to keep their trousers on.

Some comments about this production in 2014:
‘So clever and so funny’
‘Writing, cast and production are all sensational’
‘What a fabulous, hilarious show’
‘Deserved the standing ovation’

Walking Shadows is on Facebook and on Twitter @walkingshadowss

KidO – Friday performances sold out

March 18, 2015

We’ve been delighted and a bit overwhelmed by requests for tickets to KidO on Friday 20th March – so much so that we’ve now sold all 30 child places for each of the performances.

We’re so sorry if you’ve been disappointed, but we simply can’t sell any more tickets for children for these performances as there is a strict limit on numbers to make the workshop fun and enjoyable for everybody.

A Whole Lotta Laughs (and songs, and concerts and….)

March 15, 2015

Glasgow International Comedy Festival is very firmly underway and we’re delighted to be hosting some amazing shows at Cottiers and Websters as part of this brilliant event.

Why not check out our events listing and see what takes your fancy?

You might want to explore the everyday life of the urban superhero with Sonic Boom’s production of “Hero Worship“.

Or you might prefer some top notch stand up comedy – well, the notches don’t get much topper than Gary Little and Scott Gibson.

We’ve got farce (my fault, I fear) in a brand new play by Michael Lewis “Walking Shadows“.

And if you like your comedy with a distinctly kitsch tone, why not pop along and catch a stage version of the sci-fi classic “Plan 9 From Outer Space“, with the added bonus of knowing that while you’re laughing out loud, you’ll also be helping to raise money for Comic Relief 2015.

Or if, for some strange reason, you fancy a night off the comedy, we’ve also got Ward Thomas, Abel Ganz, Colin Steele Quintet and East Dunbartonshire Schools Jazz Orchestra PLUS Scottish Opera are presenting their incredible show for toddlers, KidO.

And that’s all before Easter!

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